Trump doesn't think he'll be impeached, continues to push 'Ukraine server' conspiracy: Trump promotes debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election, a day after Fiona Hill called it a "fictional narrative" and said it played into Russia's hands.

Everything you said is simply false and provable.

because there is a legitimate question regarding the Bidens' relationship with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma and a potential scandal there.

Biden son joined Barisma in 2014. Biden called for the prosecutor to be fired along with Obama and along with all the leadership in Europe long before his son joined and the prosecutor was fired after for not looking into crimes, how crazy right? Why would Biden want the guy sleeping on the job to be fired and replaced with someone he doesn’t know who might find a crime? Because he truly thought he had nothing to worry about and wasn’t the idea man behind wanting the guy fired. This has been proven.

Trump is also the head of the Executive branch of our government, which carries out these kinds of investigations; everything about Trump's impropriety in this issue is a desperate attempt to find something new to try and impeach Trump with when he was, ironically, doing his job.

Considering Trumps own Administration gave him word that there was nothing really to investigate, he still went for it since it could somehow in his head, make Biden, the so far best bet of competition in the 2020 Campaign, to look bad.

Quid Pro Quo is not bad if used in the interest of America. It would honestly even be considered presidential and a provable ability of a president to lead and be successful.

But to only pursue for personal political reasons to give yourself a leg up on a future election is greedy and constitutionally illegal.

So no, everything you said,

Is wrong.

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