Trump is going to win again because a silent majority that is afraid to express their views is going to vote him in again.

So gleeful to be wrong. I’m a financial analyst in Fort Worth.

Lawyers don’t ask if you’re employed. What kind of law are you in?

How exactly did the British Empire fall to racial conflict? Wasn’t it the two world wars draining their resources? And the Soviet Union? Didn’t it have more to do with economic and political collapse of the Soviet regime? Is it possible you ascribing your political beliefs to events that are way more complicated than a single issue? Because radical idiots do this all the time to further their agendas. You’re the exact same as a Marxist, tying everything to your single-minded dogma. How could you say Rome wasn’t multicultural during its rise; weren’t all of its gods and cultural heroes Greek? Wasn’t Trajan from Hispania? Wasn’t the Syrian Antioch the second most populous metropolis during its peak? Wasn’t Egyptian Egypt and Numidian Africa the breadbasket of the Empire? Isn’t Christianity a Semitic religion, did Christianity cause the fall of Rome? Or Constantinople? Didn’t the Venetians (aka white dudes) sack Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade? The very idea that any Mediterranean civilization was ever an ethnostate is ludicrous. How long was America multicultural before becoming a world power?

All states rise and fall, race has had little to do with it. Japan fell to the multiracial US. Ming China (95% Han Chinese) fell into corruption and decadence all on its own, making it vulnerable. The meritocratic Mongol empire trampled over Russian, Hungarian, and Polish kingdoms.

“Powers of observation”. You are a dimwit taking memes from Facebook who can’t find a PhD mentor. Don’t sell yourself up.

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