Trump is issuing orders to refund the police department.

“We’re not looking to defund the police. We’re looking to invest more and incentivize best practices,” Donald J Trump. This is exactly what he said today in the Rose Garden in response to activist calls to do progressive changes, and instituting campaign zero. You can see this in the link that I'm posting here by

And if you weren't paying attention to what he said in the Rose Garden today this is exactly what he said, he's basically condemning the actions that campaign zero is unsupportive in that leftist have been week or two. His actions do not shit about Broken Glass policing, instituting police the police law, or having private investigators to investigate the police department self.

No what's he wants to do is increased police presence in areas where the police do not know what the hell they're doing by using them to deal with mental health situations which they've been used for since the 70s and have done nothing but damage the disabled community. In addition to that he thinks that police officers are just going to follow regulations that they are the ones who get to decide who actually has to follow them by being the ones who enforce them. Remember regulation is only as good as the people who enforce it.

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