Trump joked about use of bone saw in Saudi killing of Jamal Khashoggi, former official says

“Look, using a bone saw - when I wrote my best selling book The Art of the Deal - I’ve had some difficult negotiations in my time - but a bone saw? I mean maybe a chainsaw right? I think that would be faster right? Am I right? When I was on the top rated TV show of all time The Apprentice we didn’t use a bone saw - I mean I would have liked to use one on that dog Omarosa - the things she said about me - lies - fake news all of it. I never called her a dog. And those women? All those women and their stories? Do I look like someone who needs to pay for sex? Do I look like someone who would chop on my enemies with a bone saw? I love the Saudis. People say they did 9/11 but I was there that day and I didn’t see any. Those people dancing on the roof were Muslims from shithole countries. Saudi Arabia is beautiful and the people are great. I mean they’ll cut off a woman’s hands for driving or reading a book - I mean maybe we need that here? Hillary wouldn’t have written all those emails if nobody taught her how to read right? I think Hitler really had a lot of good ideas. I used to have a book of his speeches in my nightstand - true story. But a bone saw? Yeah I guess I can see the advantage. I could use that technique in fake news CNN’s Jim Acosta. I’d like to see him ask me about Jan 6th after that. Peaceful protestors. None of them had a bone saw. Bombs? Sure. Guns? Maybe. Bear spray? I guess so. But no bone saws. Fake news. Ok that’s all where’s my Diet Coke?

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