Trump just cost jobless workers one week of federal unemployment assistance after he failed to sign the relief bill by midnight on Saturday

I don't think Trump is 100% to blame here. The senate / gop have been playing games. Everyone is on Trump about delaying the stimulus, but... They finally agreed and passed something second to last week of the year. The let us go months without help. Then the second to last week of the year they said give them a too little too late time of stimulus. And Trump delays their asthma minite decision a little longer and people are freaking out like $600 is going to make that bug of an impact this late in the game anyway. It's all a game to these people

And everyone is acting like a piece of shit for causing a delay on people getting the bare minimum. They didn't care all year, but now suddenly they do and they want a rush of handing people their peanuts. Its all a stupid game to these people.

I do not like Trump at all, but I find it silly for people who let us struggle all year to act like they care this late in the game. I mean if they truly feel 600 dollars and nkt getting it immediately is gonna make or break us, why didn't they step in sooner? Just proves they're full of shit.

Now they have those articles trying to scare people. Saying that giving us a bigger stimulus would "hurt" thr economy.. deter us from wanting a bigger stimulus... 90% are going to lut it toward fucking debt or what they owe in taxes / penalties for taking money out of HSA and retirement accounts to get by up until now.

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