Trump losing momentum in national consciousness Exhibit A: Colin Kaepernick Is GQ's Citizen of the Year

Yes. Voting is one of the EASIEST and most basic civic responsibilities there are. People were dragged behind trucks, hanged, burned, mutilated for his right to vote. And he not only doesn’t vote (like, at all)... he telegraphed that attitude using his national platform to millions.

Ah voting is that, the EASIEST thing to affect change. I would say what he did was MUCH more greater.

Are you willing to give up your job and risk negative perception of public opinion of yourself for a cause? Talking to white people about race is damn near suicide bomb, you know they don't want to hear that shit. (This is a job that pays very handsomely mind you and on top of that is known across all of America?)

If you don’t want to vote for someone, fine.

What? What if you don't want to vote for both of the candidates? So by your logic its only okay to not want to vote for one person? What are you talking about?

Whatever, man. I don't really spend time worrying about what randos on reddit think about me.


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