Trump Made A Female Reporter Come Over To His Desk So He Could Comment On Her Looks

Dude I've said nothing about my workplace, all I said is I don't think complementing people's looks at work is professional.

You have said more than enough. If you consider the most basic of human interactions unprofessional there is a problem. It is unreal to me that we are having this conversation. I just polled a few of our accountants and asked them all if they consider a compliment unprofessional. None of them did. As you probably know at least half of a CPA firm is women (ours is higher).

You keep bringing up having drinks and shooting the shit. That's totally different from complementing people's looks. Being social at work in necessary, complementing someone's smile has nothing to do with work or having an enjoyable workplace...

It is not different. Social interaction is social interaction. You can't start making arbitrary lines saying what is and what isn't acceptable. THE only line everyone agrees on is sexual harassment and being an asshole.

Dude... that's not how it works. If you're making someone at work uncomfortable that's on you....

That is ridiculous. Offense is taken it is not necessarily given. If you do not intend to offend then you cannot be held liable for someone elses sensibilities. You mention you like dark humor. If you tell a joke and half the people like and half the people are offended is that your fault?

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