Trump publicly admits he fired White House official as retaliation for impeachment testimony: 'He was very insubordinate'

Basically. The Republicans set up a terrible precedent here, however. The Democrats could just pull thr same thing. I don't think that they will or at least not to the same degree.

The Republican party has gone very conservative over the last 20 years. It really started with the Tea Party crazies, but the origins are much earlier. I've hoped that they would shake off the nut jobs and go back to the middle, but that hasn't happened. It SHOULD happen once Trump is gone, but I have no expectation of that actually happening.

A lot of Trump supporters are living in another world. They watch Fox News or get information from poorly or completely fabricated online sites. There was a (fake) picture of Obama giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Weinstein circulating online this week that these morons thought was real.

They're really not living in the same reality. It's weird.

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