Trump Pushes Young Republicans Away. Abortion Pulls Them Back.

Yeah lol I mean I wasn't trying to hide that I liked him as a candidate. I also didn't think he scored a "resounding victory", nor do "my feelings about him" override the fact that he has a long way to go before being truly "electable" and a great fit for the job.

You just think polling at 19th place among Democrats is so notable that it should give him outsized influence in the party. Voters don't seem to agree.

Like honestly, take a step back here. Why are you responding so forcefully to me? What did I ever do to you?

You're extrapolating a lot from plain text that says more about your state of mind than mine. This is why we call it projecttion.

Lord almighty, no, I'm literally just looking at the polling data you've linked.

Have you? Your argument changed from "polling at 19 isn't bad" to "the only reason he's polling worse than the two most partisan newcomers in the party is because they're more known". Even though neither of them ran for president.

Why are you coming at me so hard dawg.

Why can't you handle basic criticism?

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