Trump pushing for major crackdown on homeless camps in California, with aides discussing moving residents to government-backed facilities

Los Angeles’s skid row holds about 5,000 homeless people, an 11 percent increase from last year, according to statistics published this summer by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

“Homelessness in California is absolutely a crisis that demands action from the federal, state and local level,” Yentel said, “but it’s hard to imagine the Trump administration is acting in good faith to solve it when they have made so many efforts in the last two years to worsen the crisis.”

The White House this year proposed cutting the HUD budget by about 20 percent, eliminating the programs that build and preserve homes for the lowest-income people, Yentel said. It has also proposed cutting federal rental assistance for a quarter of a million families, as well as evicting 55,000 children from subsidized housing.

Trump’s directive comes amid his feud with California politicians, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who represents San Francisco.

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Speaking of failing badly, has anyone seen what is happening to Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco. It is not even recognizeable lately. Something must be done before it is too late. The Dems should stop wasting time on the Witch Hunt Hoax and start focusing on our Country!


4:39 AM - Jul 28, 2019

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Trump called California a “disgrace to our country” at a rally earlier this year and has fought with the state’s Democratic lawmakers over a number of issues, including homelessness and protections for immigrants.

At a rally this year, he said: “What they are doing to our beautiful California is a disgrace to our country. It’s a shame."

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