The "Trump and Putin in bed together" imagery is still the focus of an "is this homophobia?" controversy.

Idk, this all feels so dumb. Why should I give a fuck about this? I'm not convinced it's homophobic and I sincerely doubt anyone got less tolerant from seeing these cartoons. NYT op-eds are where ideas go to die; who even reads them other than well-meaning but generally misinformed bougie libs?

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert provided a notorious example when he presented his audience with an image of Trump and Putin riding a unicorn together, Putin in a full face of makeup. The crux of the joke, the common argument goes, is that Putin, who has instituted anti-gay laws in Russia, hates gay people, and therefore it is hilarious to depict him as gay. It’s his (and Trump’s) homophobia that is being mocked, not gayness. [...] These jokes are homophobic, full stop.

Oh, come on. So like, is Perfume Genius (one of the gayest musicians out there) a homophobe for making this Eminem t-shirt?

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