The Trump Recession is coming

Exactly! Every day it is clear that Trump will not last long, by his own undoing and clear incompetence, or maybe he does have some kind of cognitive illness? Trump is basically a sitting duck now, esp. after Wolff's book and if the Russian investigation reveals anything, that may actually bring him down.

If Americans smarten up, they will realize that the real deal is the GOP, it was never Trump. They are the one's who allowed him to come this far and by all accounts all the really harmful economical policies, inc. the health care bill and the passed tax bill was the actual work of the GOP not Trump. They flatter him, push their policies and watch him sign and then overwhelm him with praise to encourage further compliance. They will blame Trump when if and when it will come back to haunt them, they will use him as the fall guy. In 2008, everyone thought they learned the lesson, but that was not the case in 2016. I wonder what will happen this year and then 2020? The question is, with the US population be gullible next time as well?

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