Trump’s appeal to keep finances away from Democrats goes to court headed by Merrick Garland

Lower courts, even under siege by a compromised senate, are putting up quite the fight - and delivering some surprising wins (shit even the SC with Kav is lol).

Seems like dems in the house are hamstrung by said senate for whatever reason. Appearing partisan, even with partisan politics playing out all around, has them spooked - even 'left wing media' will hammer them - and THAT's what average people see.

At the end of the day - the average voter isn't consuming little or any detail of what's. I have a brother (in Ohio) in his late 40's that just learned Trump is a republican (I'm so sorry lol). My other brothers (late 40s and early 50s just don't vote at all. I really think he is more reflective of the average person than I wan't to admit to myself. I fix computers and small electronics so I'm in my home shop a lot and absorb more of this than what I think is most people (like all of us here do - even trolls).

I think dem leaders are painfully aware of how this is all 'theatrics' to average people not involved that are just trying to work for food - which has them hesitant.

I'm hoping things change direction when Trump and co start telling JUDGES no - which will be new territory.

I don't fuckin' know...

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