Trump says Coronavirus will be gone by April when the weather gets warmer

The president continued to suggest the Coronavirus outbreak, which has claimed 1,000 lives as of Monday, will be gone by April. He told the crowd that "in theory" once the weather warms up Coronavirus, which he referred to as "the virus," will "miraculously" go away. Trump did not offer any scientific explanation to back up his claim.

To be fair, Individual 1 has rarely(if ever) offered up reasonable, or even coherent, explanations for the ignorant and stupid shit he says...doesn’t seem to matter to his supporters.

Bonus: Trump proposes cuts to global health programs during coronavirus

I mean, why fund research or programs that could help fight viruses when we have...the weather in April? Reminds me of wildfires and raking somehow

In all honesty, -1’s dumb fuckery is likely more dangerous than the coronavirus

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