Trump says he will ban TikTok from operating in the US

Eh, as someone who doesn't like either of them, I thought at the time (and still do) that they're both terrible but would have been terrible in very different ways.

I think it's a mistake to view the general tumultuousness of the last 4 years as being solely Trump's fault, there was already clearly a storm brewing within the American public in terms of general discontent and unrest.

Ultimately, I would have preferred the technocratic warhawk realpolitik of Clinton to the uncaring chaotic reactionary of Trump, but the silver lining is that Trump forced a whole lot of people who were unengaged from politics to actually scrutinize mechanisms of power and the ridiculousness of the wealth disparity in this country. Clinton is an accomplished enough politician to know how to do all of the evil things silently, but with Trump people are forced to learn how the sausage is made.

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