Trump Says SNL Sketches Are “Real Scandal” That “Should Be Tested in Courts” - Republicans and Democrats should be terrified of a president saying this

As stupid and horrifying as that statement is. Lets not get bogged down in all the stupid stuff he says.

Otherwise that would be the only thing the show would talk about. Let's save Donald Trump talk time for the serious matters like him having broken the law with campaign finance laws.

And maybe Republicans/GOP moving from, "Witch hunt, nothing happened!" To, "Something happened but I wasn't involved!" to, "I was involved but it wasn't illegal" to finally, "Okay I was there and did it but everyone does it I shouldn't be punished!". -In regards to the illegal activity.

I mean... If a lot of congress members are breaking finance laws, lets kick them all out of there or whatever the punishment is for it.

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