Trump’s Twitter was hacked, apparently.

not sure.

one person for example voted for trump because "he will lower my taxes and biden wants to raise them"

gonna be honest, i don't know the talking points of biden, but the only thing ive heard is increased income taxes on 400k+. his income is about 120k and we aren't in SF/NYC. a great apartment or house is going to be a whole $900-1000 a month.

when he said that i told him that you don't make anywhere near enough money to be taxed. and his only response was "what about assets??" i was blown away and took a moment to think about what he said. so i pried a little bit and he 100% believes that income tax is based on someones worth. make 150k a year and have a 300k house? you will be taxed monthly as if you make 450k a year. make 150k a year and have 400k in retirement? taxes will be based on that.

there was no convincing him that you don't pay income tax on your house, 401k, car, or any assets. so hes voting for trump.

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