Trump shares clip of Joe Rogan comparing Biden to 'flashlight' with 'dying battery'

Rogen and people like him gleefully weaponize skepticism. "I'm just asking questions..." is a cudgel used to refuse to accept an objective truth by talking around the subject and injecting it with your own agenda in the guise of "Curiosity."

Here's an example of how a Joe Rogan conversation sounds using intentionally heightened subject matter. I'm not saying he's said these exact words, I'm saying this is what his show sounds like.

JR: "So are all democrats are canibalistic pedophiles?"

"Well clearly they're not as there would be at least a shred of evidence that supports that preoposteorus idea."

"I'm just asking questions! They're powerful people. if they were caninbalistic pedophiles they could have a whole system to get away with it."
"The scenario you're suggesting is incredibly unlikely and frankly dangerous to even suggest"
"I didn't suggest anything I'm just asking questions. What if Qanon is true?"
"Joe are you a Qanon believer?"

"No..... i'M jUsT aSkInG qUsStIoNs!"

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