Trump shifted campaign donor funds into his heavily indebted private business after his election loss, report says

Oh I'm sorry, are you forgetting how corrupt the vast majority of US politicians are? Or are you just looking thru your blinders?

Keep donating to them and their causes because they don't have enough money then complain about it more.

Never mind them cashing in on stocks (insider trading, oh hey didn't Pelosi just make the news recently about this?), backdoor deals, or did you forget how much Hillary cashed in on the Uranium deal with the Russians? Oh wait, they are public servants, but need to be millionaires? Really? Vote for their own raises, and screw over the people they represent.

Source? Do your DD and look up ActBlue and how it's all funneled, but ya know, what do I know? But it's ok, in a few years it'll be in the headlines again to get people to vote democrat and then go back under the rug until they need their vote again.

Not to mention all of a sudden Iran is close to making nukes, wow after 4 years?

They all use us to get what they want. Stop trying to defend one side or the other.

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