Trump signs executive order denying asylum to illegal border crossers

I'm not against this.

I think that people should be forced to enter the country legally through push+pull factors.

  • Make entering the country illegally as difficult, risky, and the punishments as harsh as possible (push factors).
  • Make legal entry easier and better-staffed, to encourage legal entry (pull factors).

I think the issue with the Republican side of things is that they want to just get as close to banning travel and immigration to the US entirely as they can because of xenophobic worldviews, and by the contrast Democrats have this ridiculous idea of open borders.

As usual, I think the true answer lies somewhere in the middle.

Overally, I take no issue with this law. Illegal immigration is illegal, it's right there in the name.

But at the same time, they need to get their shit together funding and staffing the agencies that handle immigration.

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