Trump suddenly irrelevant, Biden steals Thanksgiving spotlight with call for unity

He didn't stop war, and an argument would be made that ending the Iran agreement made wars worse, but I'm not here to argue with fascists. What people say they care about is always what's happening in America, and what was happening in America was Trump sneaking in the endgame into his second term because he could have never tried that in the first term.

You aren't really worried about looters when you voted for the above, anymore than I'm supposed to believe you are worried about wars. You aren't worried about society, that goes against the core of conservatism. Conservatism is ideology of the self, and saying that the self can govern or spend by itself more efficiently than the community.

Just stop the dishonest arguments and say it, you wanted to give our tax money to walls and military while increasing taxes on the middle class and lower class only, while cutting their social security and basically everything else. That's what you voted for and defend so dearly, better to be a man and own it.

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