Trump Suggested His Pet Attorney General May Prosecute His Enemies for 'Treason'

Is any body else shitting their pants over this maniacal power-grabbing?

I'm on the fence, groundhogging it. On the one hand he's trying to do all kinds of insane stuff, is damaging our relationships with the rest of the world and is doing what will surely be lasting damage to America. But on the other he has one of the lowest ratings of any president at this point in his presidency, and although his allies the Russians and Saudis are likely to commit massive voter fraud to try to keep him in office, it seems likely Trump will permanently damage the GOP like Bush Jr. did, turning off yet another generation to ever even considering voting Republican.

So assuming we're allowed to continue voting for our government, the GOP could very well spend a long time out in the wilderness.

And the Dems need to end the fillibuster. They need to keep reciting the mantra: do unto Republicans as Republicans would do unto you.

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