Trump threatens to designate Antifa a terrorist organization ahead of expected Portland clashes

This is almost predictable.

I'll just state that Antifa's violence is completely unacceptable.

But with this Trump is essentially ignoring the reality of what brought these riots and protests about--the inequality of black people in the United States. And in typical Trump fashion he's going to create this problem so he can ignore it and talk about something completely different (while also creating political points). This is Trump 101--spew BS, let his supporters start talking about it (with the help of Fox News), and then his political opponents are drawn in to talk about it as well because it just becomes a just messy mire of argument, and if his opponents don't want to talk about it, they're considered enablers of Antifa and terrorism, or if they try to say it wasn't some giant conspiracy created by antifa, well, clearly you're fake news. It's the same shit all the time.

Secondly, he's now creating something that allows him to politicize the entire situation and blame it on Democrats. This is no longer an issue about race, but is going to be a left-right rissue. This is now going to be how the LEFT-leaning antifa were responsible for all the violence and destruction that has happened over the past couple days and how they are against Trump.

Thirdly, and this is honestly speculation, but I'm curious if this gives Trump and his administration a legal fulcrum with which to suppress further rioting or protests. When you start saying that this is Antifa and a terrorist group, even if it's African American protesters, more people get mobilized behind the idea of allowing the police to act the way that we've seen in the past couple days.

It's the same game.

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