Trump trade War Will Add $3000 to the Price of Toyotas

This is all leftover Democratic rhetoric from the 1980s, believe it or not, that older people don't understand has changed dramatically since. Back then, there used to be commercials on TV to "buy American" and to look for "Made In The USA" because the Japanese automakers were doing so well.

Clinton's support of NAFTA changed the political dynamic, because it accelerated the process of the Big Three automakers moving many of their jobs to Mexico. But it actually helped the auto sector in that Toyota, Honda, and others began opening up auto plants stateside.

Now, it's absolutely true that you're helping out American jobs just as much if not more so by buying a Honda rather than a Ford. But old time Reagan Democrats especially remember that "Made In the USA" push from 30+ years ago as if it still has any relevance today.

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