Trumpets waved the Confederate flag and a shotgun at a black child’s party. Now they’re headed to prison on terrorism charges.

A Latino trump supporter? Really shooting yourself in the foot with this one huh.

If you're movement isn't about promoting hatred than you must have a field day dodging all the filth in /r/the_donald and the other alt-right safe spaces. Must be like trying to avoid landmines since these places are fucking crawling in active discrimination. You can pretend you're not bigot yourself all you want but you still choose to support them, you decided to associate with and support people who would take one look at your skin colour and determine that you are in fact the problem.

The fact that deep in your heart you think Trump doesn't qualify as one of those "corrupt establishment politicians" because he's a reality star / business man just showcases how fucking blind you and your movement are. Trump has gone bankrupt on multiple occasions and is not fit to run a country let alone a business.

I don't support "corrupt establishment politicians" and just because I dislike Trump and his supporters doesn't mean that I do. You calling me out for a strawman is seriously stretching the limits of irony and I'm starting to question your self awareness.

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