Trump's lawyers reject Mueller's latest terms for interview

Opposition research? So this is all ok when the Democrats go out of their way and spend millions of dollars doing so, but when a random entity approaches the son of the Republican candidate and suggests these emails existence, that’s illegal? Gotcha. Nice deal those Democrats have. Weaponizing the government’s intel arm with FISA warrants was a rather nice benefit as well. Wiretapping your opponents was rather sweet. Obama flying around in Air Force One, nice assistance as well, Jay-z-Beyoncé? Noice! Every. Single. Notable. Media outlet pushing pro-stories about Hillary? And hit pieces on Trump? Totally sweet, no issues. Getting 400 million in stolen Russian tax money for the Democrat party? Cool! Using Obama’s historical campaign infrastructure to kick start the most expensive campaign in US history? Awesome! .....but yeah, this one meeting though, where someone talked about those emails Hillary deleted,

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