Trust issues much?

My ex used to use my thumb to unlock my phone everytime I fell asleep around her, she would be sleeping over and i still live with my parents. Woke me up and argued with me many times and it would even wake my parents up a lot of times. I had to convince my parents for weeks to let her spend the first time for my birthday and it was the first time she did it. Woke them up screaming around 4am, was the worst birthday of my life lol. Spent the whole day in my bed, And it went on for several years after that. She ended up cheating on me and telling me the next day, she only cheated so that she had a good enough reason to leave knowing I wouldn't try and save it. And i still did even knowing that, I begged her to take me back and she wouldn't. Ended up she cheated on me with a friend, it's been 10 months and I'm still single and she's on her 3rd new boyfriend. I'm learning to live my life again, I can't believe that at one point I would look at a video like this and think of it as normal. That kind of shit can fuck someone up for a long time.

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