The truth about Bloodfin

Sounds like some people had a large bag of sea salt with a side of saltines for breakfast, and blew it out their ass the rest of the day. This entire community is becoming one of the most toxic gaming scenes that I've ever been a part of, and it's because of self-entitled and immature attitudes like this. It's like watching a bunch of petty kindergartners argue on a playground, and this post is the equivalent of running to the teacher screaming a lung out because little Billy didn't share his pudding with you. At this point I think it's safe to say that the average high school student has more composure and maturity than the majority of the people bickering in this community.

I joined the world of SWG Emulators just over a month ago. I've played on Basilisk, Bloodfin, and Hydian Way equally, and I can say that I'm not biased towards any server with honesty. With that said, I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with the Bloodfin player and developer communities. You (and others) not getting what you want all the time doesn't make Bloodfin a "shitty server," it makes you a self-entitled temper tantrum thrower. And insulting someone's (in this case a family's) personal life throws every last trace of classiness and maturity right out the window, almighty keyboard warrior.

People seem to forget that these are completely free-to-play servers. They are not free-to-run servers, they are not your servers, and you (along with everyone else playing) are not entitled to anything. With that said, -Heat runs the server and can do whatever the hell he wants with it. Are you really going to tell me that if you ran your own server, you wouldn't have even the slightest bit of favoritism towards good friends of yours that played and supported you everyday?

If this community acted even half of its average age, it would be one of the most wholesome and welcoming environments, because of the fact that we're all here to enjoy a game that we care very much for. If you don't want to play on the server, don't play. Feel free to go put the same amount of effort that the Bloodfin and other SwgEmu server developers use everyday into running your own.

TLDR: Grow Up

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