Truthful Tuesday.

I have had 2 fuck buddies for a while now. They both know of the existence of the other but I lost contact with on of them. There were 2 weeks where we couldn't meet each other because first she was sick and the week after that I was sick and she had to go to multiple rehearsals of her concert for kabouter plop. However during that week I still went out an apparently so did she. We ran into each other while I was shitfaced drunk. I thought she was mad at me because I went out while I told her I was sick. My drunk ass did everything in his might to try to contact her, but she didn't respond. The day after that we talked, but she told me I was too clingy. Once that conversation was over I decided I wouldn't initiate the next conversation. The result of that is that we haven't talked to each other for 3 weeks now and her brother who is a friend of mine asked me why he hasn't seen me at her place for so long. He told me that she is sick at the moment, but I doubt that she will contact me once she's better.

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