So you want to try MDMA/molly/ecstasy?

Do you mind going in more on why it's not good to roll 2 days in a row? It's hard because there are DJ acts that are on different days that I really want to roll to.

MDMA rapidly builds tolerance, depletes serotonin and compounds neurotoxicity issues. Look for other drugs and avoid using MDMA more than once every few months.

From here:

The neurotoxicity is well established, but studies are largely on mice and rats with higher dosages than humans tend to use.1

There is an excellent run through of the pharmacodynamics of MDMA neurotoxicity here, and a good look at the kinetics here.

Overall what we know is that the neurotoxicity scales with dose, and is likely to do so exponentially as the body is caused to overheat more and has less anitoxidants to deal with metabolites.

We don't have any quantitative estimates about damage from normal human doses because it would not be ethical to dose people repeatedly just to see how much it damages them, and it's very hard to gather data from regular users because of the huge number of variables like alcohol and cannabis use, sleep deprivation, environment of MDMA use etc.

We know that long term users are not mentally impaired,2 but those abusing the drug do show a reduced ability to enjoy it and suffer a more intense comedown, indicating that there is something going on at higher doses.

There are no steps that are absolutely necessary, you can after all do what you want in to your body, but frankly, you'd be a fool not to use the easier protective methods given how cheap and available they are.

Here is another superb discussion about MDMA neurotoxicity.

Here is a look at MDMA supplements.

If you're interested in more studies on MDMA neurotoxicity, click here.

There are lots of other great substances to take! Check /r/drugs for more info!

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