Do you try to minimize the min/maxing?

It'll be the complete opposite, even PUGs will require you to min/max.

Majority of the players will be spamming BDR/Scholo/U. Strat to become raid ready as soon as possible. Some like to think that min/maxing never existed in Vanilla WoW, but in reality the majority of the raiders who got to BWL/AQ40/Naxx considered hardcore and min/maxing was necessary, even more for semi-hardcore guilds where some of the players needed to heavily min/max and use consumes to outweigh the non min/maxers in their raid.

Now we have access to all the data for min/maxing, meaning even PUGs will require you to min/max to even consider inviting you, and also except uploading screenshots of your UI to make sure you have raid addons.

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