Trying to better understand how females with autism show affection towards a partner.

Ok so I won't pretend I know about the experience of women/girls on the spectrum, as I'm not one.

But I will say that many on the spectrum or they who think they might be on it (including myself) have difficulty expressing verbal affection or general social necessities.

For example, I don't give compliments generally speaking as , when I receive them, I feel super uncomfortable and Don't know how I'm supposed to (socially acceptably) respond, instead I just Nod or say "thanks" or even "mhm".

I , along with many others, also struggle with hugs and touching so if when you do meet she doesn't like hugging or that sort of thing, don't let it make you think she doesn't like you.

Again. This is a non-female autist's understanding. It may be entirely different, but I hope it gives some insight anyway.

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