Trying to ride out a lease with 'ex', has anyone successfully done this?

I feel you! I’m doing the same, only he doesn’t know it. I’m playing the game and acting like everything is “fine” still abuse and weekly breakups. I have about 6 months left & I will be trapped in a tour bus w him for the next month of it. Literally no personal space at all.

You were fine on your own before financially and you will be better after him. It does get so hard to work when dealing with them. It’s hard to accomplish a damn shower from the exhaust. You are amazing for getting to this point. You need some self care. Is there a room you can make your own until he gets the f out? Can you find a reason to stay w a friend bc of studying or something a few nights a week? Treat him like a pet and patronize the shit out of him for your own peace. Grey rock & minimize contact. Have friends come over to buffer if you can. You are so close. Me too. You got this. Pm if you wanna bitch together.

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