Trying to use a sniper

I’m an Airsoft sniper. Been running my kit for about 2 years. I’ve done my research, learned from more experienced sniper techs, played quite a few games with varying play styles, and invested quite a bit of time and money. Do not (DO NOT) get a sniper as your first gun.

Seriously bro. Do the right thing and start with an AEG to get into the sport and see if you like it. Only get a sniper if you know 1000% it’s what you want to do.

Building your rifle is expensive. It takes time, effort, skill, and money to get a rifle that can compete with most common AEGs. And even when you get to that “perfect” rifle (which you never will), the sniper’s playstyle can be downright boring.

You’ll spend most of your games waiting, moving, waiting, hiding, and waiting. Unless you play aggressively, you’ll maybe pull the trigger a dozen times - if that. I reload my sidearm 10x as much as my rifle. I can go an entire game day and only use 1 sniper mag.

If all that sounds fun, by all means work your way towards a sniper, but again: DO NOT START WITH A SNIPER RIFLE.

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