Trying to squeeze out what money I can, when should I responsibly change my car insurance to partial coverage?

I just wanted to add another comment. Similar to what the other poster said, it's all about your personal tolerance for risk.

If you drop your coverages, and Godzilla steps on your car tomorrow, do you have $7000 in the bank to go out and buy another sweet Fusion?

The fact that you're trying to squeeze a few pennies out of your monthly budget tells me you have nothing close to that in your savings account.

Do you have $1,000? $500? Can you go out and buy a rust bucket beater for $500 tomorrow just to get you to work and the grocery store when you wreck your Fusion and have zero coverage? Did you have at least enough to cover the comprehensive or collision deductible?

You say you are paying a crazy amount but what is that actual amount? Even if your policy was $1200 a year, That's $100 a month for peace of mind that you're covered in any circumstance. If you pay more than that you're probably a terrible driver (in which case dropping any covered whatsoever is a bad plan) or you live in a shithole state and it's time to move.

Why are you trying to save the money per month? Is this to add more to your retirement savings? Pay down credit card debt? Save up for a house? Or is this to buy a new flat screen TV or the new iPhone XXsuCcQr?

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