TS who tested positive for COVID (or have had immediate family members with COVID), how severe and how long did your symptoms last?

I voted for him in 2016 because I couldn't stomach voting for Hillary but his handling of the coronavirus pandemic has made me decide to sit out this election. Every time he opens his mouth about coronavirus I die even more inside.

I didn't realize how incompetent Betsy Devos or the rest of his cabinet members were in 2016.

I think his insistence to open will backfire horrifically.

In cutting funding, he will be hurting those who need it most, and that is the goal. He aims to use this to dismantle public education. This will go over well with most of his base because apparently all we teach is socialism and indoctrination. (Still don't know how I am doing that in elementary)

Typing all of this out makes me feel like I should change my flair to non-supporter.

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