TSA: you can use your fireworks for literally ANYTHING besides drawing dicks

sigh Jesus guys, chill your boots.

There is no bigotry towards straight people. Straight people are not a minority, and have never been imprisoned for loving somebody of another gender, or forced to undergo chemical castration.

As it stands, I'm in a heterosexual relationship, despite being bisexual.

I shouldn't be having to defend myself but getting called "fucking braindead" by a teenager in France, and people assuming I'm saying "heterosexuals suck be gay" is just beyond stupid, and I'm getting bored of blocking people.

However, it takes only a cursory moment to notice a correlation between stupid gender reveals (I mean, the entire concept is stupid, but y'know, you do you, people who have children) and heterosexual parents

Here's some more stupid gender reveals that have caused injury/disaster

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