$TSLA Weekend Super Chill Thread - May 28, 2022

Sorry for my Type 1 diabetes rant. Maybe some doctors here will agree.

I found it funny he forgot his charity despite his wife and son having Type1 diabetes. I've been type 1 majority of my life and he's right Type 1/2 should be viewed very differently but aren't. Oh well public is stupid. His view on pharmaceutical not wanting a cure bc of treatment profits I partially agree. A full cure would involve reintroducing specialized cells into the pancreas which your body already killed, so a specialized transplant the body won't reject. The most profitable would be an artificial pancreas. A system whether implanted or via an iv like pump system that monitors blood glucose and bg trends and auto releases glucose or insulin to raise or lower the blood glucose to optimal levels. We're getting close to there but holy shit the expense of that system over a lifetime is huge. Just the Humalog insulin used in the insulin pump before insurance is multiple thousands per month. Add in constant glucose monitoring systems it's another couple grand. Pump is probably 10k renewed every 4 years.

Reason I went on this vent was my primary care when I was younger maybe 14ish said if I go low carb I might be able to ditch the insulin pump and go a couple shots a day. I dismissed him thinking my endos knew way more. Well 20 years later I find it much easier just doing a long action shot morning/night and short action anytime I eat. Hba1c is around 5.5 and take meds for cholesterol/blood pressure/kidneys. Highest risk areas for diabetics.

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