[TSM] BreaK on 3rd person vs 1st person

ok.. picture this... you and your enemy in a stand off. he behind tree and you behind wall... you shot each other.. he shot you in the body and you shot him in the head and blow his helmet.. at this point you know his almost dead with 1% or 2% life and you still have 60% or 50% health.. in 1st person you have the option wait and heal yourself or you can flank knowing if he peek with 1% or 2% health he be dead with only 1 hit from your bullet... if he not peeking he doesn't know your new position you can be beside him shooting him while he try to med up. In 3 person you only have 1 option.. heal yourself and contiinue the stand off until one of you get lucky with heashot or got kill by other people because you wait there too long or die because of blue circle.. in 3 person you or him can heal up without risk of being flank because with the 3 person camera you can obtain the information of his location without risking yourself being shot at... (i know maybe im wasting my time explaining but at least i try)

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