TSM Parts with Hikaru

I don't think TSM isn't willing to put the effort, they're just having to view it from a strategic position.

This has been a common trend across multiple organizations, TSM just gets put on blast for it more because of how Reginald is perceived and how many top creators TSM has signed. People don't necessarily talk about the content for organizations like 100 Thieves that has been cancelled. Creator led ideas/events have historically operated at a loss (which streamers are able to individually get a return on through various different means/call it a "price for content") and it is difficult for an organization to support if not properly messaged by the creator or their representation. It has created this massive disconnect when streamers have amazing ideas but can't get it backed or funded and it creators a massive rift.

Clearly, the exodus is a result of Leena no longer being with the company. But it genuinely does feel like this isn't just a "TSM" issue or that "TSM are the bad guys" for this. This is just the result of business.

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