TSM potential roster shakeups and what it could mean for CLG

I think the personnel are fine to earn one more split (assuming none leave), but we need another person who can work on drafts and analytics.

Our P/Bs were not great. We would give POE draft priority for a potential counterpick and it always felt we'd end up with some control mage that we could have picked safely earlier. We should have given priority to Darshan or Ruin, because the former always tried to get solokills in lane and the latter is aggressive in general.

And the way to success is not just copying what the top LPL or LCK teams are doing. I felt we never abused, other than POE's Ori (which wasn't anything out there either), any of our players' pocket picks. Like why didn't we get Ruin on his Camille or Bio on his Thresh more often?

Lastly, I don't know how you don't ban or pick Skarner from Lira. Literally the Silver elo analysts here knew to do that shit.

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