[TT] Theme Thursday - Distraction

I'm distracted from the corners.
Because there's nothing to see here.
Only beginnings and endings, Of vision and lines and of rooms and of minds, but there's nothing beyond the corner.

I'm distracted by the middle. Because it curves and it sways and it swirls, And all the colours and all the promise, Of depth and ties and of reason and lies are a soothing relief from it all.

I'm distracted - perhaps I should be? There may well be nothing to see. But however I try, With any old eye, I will find an edge, and trace it, All the way, To the corners.


Hope you like it! I'm totally new to this though so I don't have a friend to tag :( Yet! Anyway I will leave feedback soon, but it's very late here and I just got inspired so now I need to sleep. Love this prompt!

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