TTK: Fact or Fiction? (Also Is A Raid Dummy Truly The Benchmark?)

Hmm, some of his builds are definitely more Nightcrawler-y than others. I've been playing more of a swords build lately which definitely feels lacking, even from a more Swashbuckler-y less-Teleport-y perspective.

But it's mostly a lot of little quibbles. I find it frustrating that so many people have completely free movement powers now (like Hulk, who essentially generates "spirit" while leaping around, and punisher who's roll costs no "ammo") but the premiere movement character can still run through his spirit bar just using his basic teleport.

Then there's the fact that you can't actually build him around a "Movement Power" kit because none of his powers are tagged as movement powers. This feels like a holdover from when they were using "Movement" as a tag that meant reduced damage for a power that really let you get around, but we've seen several people since then that have full movement builds (like X-23) or who use movement powers as a key component to their rotation (like Juggernaut or Nova).

I also have quibbles with several of his specific powers. Flash and Grab ends up feeling very static. Brimstone Beatdown feels very uncontrollable. Blink Strike doesn't confer the same invulnerability that Street Sweeper does (which can make it dangerous to use). His signature is just very meh, as is his ulti. It's not that they can't do damage, but they're just kind of boring. Overall, I feel like his powers lack flash and creativity.

I guess mostly, I want Nightcrawler to play as though I am in complete control of my position on the field, doing solid damage as I zip all over the place.

Ironically, I sort of feel like Psylocke can get sort of close to what I want, if you go a Projections build and just constantly zip around using Shadow Dash, Assassinate, and Falling Lotus Strike. You're all over the place, but constantly diving back in to do damage.

I'd also like to see more stuff like Nova's Cosmic Combo, where the targeting range is fairly large, and then you dash (or in NC's case bamf) into range to do the strike. (I guess this would also be sort of like Psylocke's Assassinate as well.)

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