Is Tucker Carlson doing Satan’s work?

To be honest, I would describe Christians as being morally and ethically obtuse and illiterate.

Hey, Tucker Carlson is just evil. Tucker Carlson is a common, everyday racist and bigot. Tucker Carlson is an example of a cultured, wealthy, upper society, white racist and bigot. So what if Carlson is from cultured high society and knows which fork is the salad fork, his racism and bigotry is blatant and open for anyone and everyone to see.

And this debate about did he say the "n" word, no he didn't because he did not say it to a black man. Who care's? Whether he said the "n" word or not. I've listened to Carlson for as long I can stand and Tucker Carlson is a racist and a bigot.

Is being a racist and a bigot doing God's work? Well, after a life spent watching you Christians in action, just based on the kind of behavior of you Christians engage in, I would have to say that bigotry and racism are part of the core values, core beliefs of the Christian Religion. So yes, the racism and bigotry which is Tucker Carlson, yeah, he probably is doing God's work. Again, let me point out that I am only basing this opinion on what I have seen Christians do and the behavior I have seen Christians engage in.

Oh also, a big part of why I believe Christians to be racists and bigots, well, that 200 or 300 years of slavery in America, I'm sure slavery does pay a role in my perception of Christians. Hey, fun fact, did you know that the Capital Building in Washington D.C. was built using slave labor?

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