its tuesday my guys

Idk if this matter or not but im writing it here anyways im a jee 2022 aspirant (dropper) and idk what tf do i do what i study never feels enough i am doing online coaching from atp star(online platform) all my peers are in offline coaching i feel like thay might move ahead of me because of that and I can't join offline because my father wont allow me too i am filled with anxiety no one to talk to i second guess all my desicions i am just fucked i enrolled in fiitjee in class 11th was in delhi for around 9 months then covid happened went home studied nothing wasted my time jee came got 63%ile worked hard end mai got 87%ile took a drop cause i thought i can do it but now idk wtf i am doing at all i study but doesn't feel enough there is just a feeling of emptiness what if i am mot putting in enough hours how many hours is enough what material is enough what if i am doing the bare minimum should i do this do that idk man and i see Posts of 2023 students here studying for 6hrs daily being oriented towards their goals and i feel a sense of regret why did not i do that why tf i wasted my 12th i don't hate that i am studying and others are enjoying doesn't bither me much because i dont have many friends but failure scares me what if i fail again PS- sorry just needed to vent

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