Turkey slams US over ‘aggressive’ acts against bodyguards

My mother's grandfather was burned alive by Russian backed Armenian soldiers one year before Armenian Genocide in Erzurum along with all the grown village men at the village mosque. They were gathered there on gun point and told they would be listening to a manifest reading and would get set free after that. That's why none of them tried to do anything. They were ordinary village folk.

Have you ever read this portion of the events during your studies? I didn't mention this side of the events until now because I feel like mentioning such things seem like I defend Armenian Genocide somehow. People are already predisposed to think I don't wholeheartedly grieve and accept the genocide. I know the proportions of suffering can't be compared.

My background, 30s, outspoken atheist after 20 years of Islam because I am a skeptic. That skepticism led me to believe our version of events being fed to people is just propaganda and then I went on a quest to see what non Turks have to say about it. I was one of the thousands out there protesting when Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was murdered. I read your side of the story and came to take most of it as facts but there was a deliberate attempt at tailoring the narrative to strengthen the cause. Armenians in Armenia are indoctrinated same as Turks in Turkey. Anyway nothing Armenians did justify blown out of propertion monstrous actions by Turks. But omitting that part of the story makes it seem like Turks were just rabid dogs suddenly turned on Armenians whom they have been living with and without massacring for hundreds of years. That's what lobbyists want worl to think because it is more impactful that way.

Japan is not better because they are seen more relatable than Turkey. They have major flaws and backwards thinking when it comes to gender equality, sexualizing minors and pedophilia, stumped economy since early 2000, officially allowed widespread mafia organizations running billion dolar industies, racism (especially against black people and chinese), salaryman slavery disguised as work, gang violence until late 90s and on and on. Just because they are better than Turkey doesn't mean they are doing just peachy thanks to correctional gaze of invading overlords. They turn a blind eye to their massacres and inhuman acts too. Not a good example overall.

What seperates those two countries from us that they gained wealth through technological advancement and innovation. Ataturk you don't approve tried to do exactly the same. Had he enough time to completely implement his ideas we might have had a better economy too. You can see all around the world fredom and quality of democracy corelates heavily with national prosperity. You are giving those two countries as examples but there are tens of others invaded and colonized by same european emperialists and look how are they holding up now. Turkey's technological and industrial advancement was sole priority for Ataturk and after he left people in power tried everything they can do to stop that bandwagon. There were also individual entrepreneurs who could have been Fords and Edisons of this country who were forcefully shunned. Vecihi Hurkus, aviation enthusiast, built and engineered planes nearly entirely by himself. Carried his own plane in parts to Europe to showcase on his own budget during WW2. Got an order from Belgians iirc to build planes for them. Returned to country to beg officials let him. Shunned and discarded on purpose. Died in poverty. This is one of the many examples. You think we would be better off with allied invaders remaining as authorities. Who says they didn't? After Ataturk they crept back in. They were pulling the strings behind the curtain until recently. If this sounds like a tinfoil theory I invite you to further reading near history of Turkish state and you can see how an invisible hand stops anything that is getting too good for Turkey. Read about Marshal aid, the Village Institutions and why they were shut down. Read about Great Middleeast Project. Read about series of assassinations of engineers that regularly occure in Turkey. Read about assassinated public figures like Ugur Mumcu, Gaffar Okkan. Read about how Turkey's leading science institution was purged and a Zoo manager appointed to run it. How they stopped working anything they were doing to focus on pseudoscientific studies proving prayer makes water healthier.

Easy mate, one question, who doesn't want a Japan like story of emergence from ashes to build a prosperous nation in the most critical geography there is for the last 50 years or so. Foreign interest of keeping Turkey a peasant country was the same when they were drinking tea with Sultan at the palace during occupation.

Corrupt politicians brought us here not nationalism. If there were more people like Ataturk came after him we would be talking about entirely different Turkey right now. You can't click your fingers and completely change a population of sheep into dignified liberal individuals after being subjugated to that serf life hundreds if not thousands of years. If there was any sort of resemblance to a justice system and democracy in Turkey albeit intermittently halted by coups, it was because all the things you think that would be better did not happen. Allied forces not benevolent benefactors you think them to be. They were not here to cure the sick man. That's not how this world works. They were going to suck the blood of the country as they did with all the other colonies they had which are predominantly in dismay now. Only way to any kind of proud living is going with sovereignty. There is a saying in Turkish; "They didn't do it for your dark eyes and brows." It would be utterly naive to think occupants were here to save us from our woes. Every man is for themselves.

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