Turkey Won't Block Finland and Sweden Joining NATO, Denmark Says

I see your point and its pretty valid in you pow. However, Turkey is really an interesting country not only with its politics but also people. Since western media loves to show religious extremists and governments islamic policies, its easy to think that turkey could be sharia. Fortunately both Turkish armed forces and turkish culture are very far away from it. You can find the percentage of people who accept that they are Muslims and the ratio of those who do religious practices. No one can rule Turkey with sharia, because there is not enough people to supress us. You may see this a bit out of context but nowadays our country faces with mass migration from sharia countries. Many of those immigrants see Turkish women as a wh**re since our clothing is not cortespond with their islamic view. The funny thing is most religious conservative citizens are used to see and live with common progressive Turkish people. A strictly muslim fathers doughter may not follow every path of islam. Its pretty common. In order for sharia to come to this country, these people have to suppress their own children. No one has this power. It may seem strange to you, but even Erdogan is against it. He has said many times that we should see women in all areas of life, (education, science, etc.). His daughters are also active in both business and social life. To fully understand Turkey, it is absolutely necessary to have lived here.

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