Turning more General Meetings into paid work

It's hard to predict which is the best avenue.

1) Some execs might respond with, "send me the script send you're finished". 2) Others will hop on board to develop with you, as a spec, to try to sell to studios. 3) And if your idea is amazing, the even will offer to develop it into a pitch with you to sell to a studio, and then you get paid to write it.

From my experience, newer, less established writers fall into 1/2, and sometimes willingly lock themselves into an unpaid position with overwhelming hope of getting that sale, and then get too deep to turn back. More experience, or coming off a hot project can lead easier access to 3, but it still depends on the strength of the idea and relationship with the writer.

Your rep team is there to consult your business and creative decisions. Loop then into the discussion and try to find the best match for your material, whether completed screenplay or idea you want to develop with someone.

Just be realistic with your expectations. No contract outlining when and how you'll be paid, you're doing it on spec.

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