TV Tokyo Issues Formal Apology For Kemono Friends 2 Producer's 'Unprofessional Conduct'

Social media is really unhealthy and has caused far more issues that it is even capable of solving. The people who use them subject their selves to the harassment of thousands of faceless antagonists.

Then you're allowed to spout off your most primal feelings about it and the situation and be judged to the harshest degree by everyone for it.

Season 1 and its more "Civil" fans suffered from this effect due to particular outbursts. And as justified as the 2nd directors "tweets" were or may have been, it still cost him reputation with his employers.

No matter which "side" you pick or not. No matter how polite or irrational some "Fans" may behave in response. Its toxic influence impacts all of us, despite how clear-cut things may seem.

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