TW Homo/tranphobia

I'm sorry that happened to you. It's always horrible when family turns on you. I know how it goes with my own mother and being trans. It....did not end well.

I was fortunate that I was reminded of this particular lesson as an adult iin a way that couldn't kill me or injure me permanently, but it still stung like a motherfucker. I made a post pointing out that AFAB non-binary people and trans-men could have children too and were just as affected by new abortions laws as cis-women, and I asked people to be a bit more inclusive in their discussions. This was in a space that was supposed to be very liberal, feminist, and safe for all women. My asking for somewhat more inclusive language and discussions unleashed a shitstorm of TERF esque behavior from liberal cis women. I got accused of erasing women, hating feminity, corruping womanhood, 'they're still biologically female!", being unkind because I didn't think having children was an 'altruistic miracle' and a bunch more shit.

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